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This Web site is the world's first Web site employing AES encryption. The page you are viewing illustrates Secure4Net features in employing the new encryption. Note the bar at the top of the screen.

Secure4Net has automatically verified that the browser's encryption strength is not sufficient, and has sent a Client-Side Module, in the form of a Java applet, to the browser. This module then provides the necessary AES encryption capabilities, automatically and transparently to the user, and appears only in the small, real time, browser-like graphic window you see above. No other end user software is required.

The graphic display clearly supplies the user with the following information:

  • That the session is encrypted.
  • The cipher key length being utilized (128-bit in the demo above).
  • The protocol utilized (SSL in the demo above).
  • The cipher being utilized (AES Rijndael in the demo above).

The Client-Side Module Graphic Display also has operational buttons that enable users to:

  • Set or update their SOCKS5 firewall settings.
  • View and validate the Web site's certificate.
  • View an on-line HELP feature.

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