Secure4Net Online Security
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The Secure4NetTM Server Product Evaluation

The Secure4NetTM Server is an innovative encryption administration paradigm that was conceived and designed specifically in order to provide strong encryption capabilities to both browsers and servers. The Secure4NetTM Server removes encryption overhead from web servers, dramatically reduces server load and saves precious server resources.

The Secure4NetTM Server performs an encryption assessment during the initial data transfer and pending the results, supplements the capabilities accordingly. Should the encryption capabilities be inadequate, the Secure4NetTM Server automatically sends a client-side module in the form of a JavaTM applet.

This module may be configured according to the site manager's preferences and provides the necessary encryption capabilities, automatically and transparently to the user. In addiion, the Secure4NetTM Server presents a small, real-time, browser-like graphic bar at the top right-hand corner of the end-user's screen providing further enhanced features and functionality.

Tashilon now offers you this unique opportunity to download and install the complete Secure4NetTM Server for a limited 14-day evaluation period.

Note: The Secure4NetTM Server will only operate on a dedicated Windows 2000 server with a valid DNS entry.

Hardware Requirements:
Memory: A minimum of 64MB RAM is required, while 128MB is recommended
Processor: Pentium 133 or higher
Disk Space: A minimum of 685MB is required when installing the Secure4NetTM Server, while 1GM is recommended

Download the Secure4NetTM Server ...