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The Tashilon Story

Tashilon develops innovative online security solutions that enable the deployment of the recently announced Rijndael Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), recently approved by the U.S. government. The implementation of AES will accelerate adaptation of mobile communications platforms, including m-commerce and mobile Internet. Tashilon's Secure4Net product family intelligently overcomes the inherent limitations of existing client-dependent security schemes that would delay the mass introduction of the new AES by years.

Secure4Net, with its patent-pending computer network encryption using downloaded software objects technology, makes the new AES available for commercial use... immediately. With Secure4Net, companies can centrally manage AES and other encryption methods -- over any infrastructure, supporting virtually all browsers and server platforms, to consistently manage security policies over Mobile and IP networks over the Internet. This new server-centric paradigm is superior to currently online security infrastructures that are client-centric.

In 1995, online security and encryption usage was nearly non-existent. Today, encryption has become the ubiquitous method for online security. Currently over 400,000 Web sites actively use encryption, and the industry has experienced growth rates of over 100% per year. Web-server transactions using encryption recently jumped from 5% to 30%.

Tashilon's Secure4Net product family helps companies meet the challenge of reducing, or eliminating, performance degradation due to encryption's inherent heavy CPU and memory consumption, and delivers a new, server-centric online security paradigm for the Internet and mobile networks. These include intranets, e-commerce sites and e-banking sites, using PCs, cellular phones and PDAs.

The Secure4Net platform enhances security for any network, and delivers vastly improved manageability, unique performance scalability and a rapid upgrade path that is unmatched in the industry.

Beyond Encryption for Even Safer Computing

Internet communication is vulnerable to many risks. In fact, an online banking site recently posted the following warning: "Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or higher saves user names and passwords. It will automatically complete any login for you. This allows people at your computer to use your logins without knowing your passwords. To see how to turn this off, click here."

Web site administrators and managers can easily extend the Secure4Net applet to disable this and other harmful features. This is just one example of how Secure4Net's server-centric paradigm for online security can be employed, making networks safer beyond what is provided by standard encryption today.

Poised for the Mobile Revolution

The rapid introduction of 2.5G and 3G mobile networks and the wide mass-marketing of mobile devices is fueling the fast growth in the volume of Internet access from mobile devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, JavaPhones, RIM, etc. -- all quickly evolving into Java-enabled devices. it is estimated that by 2003, Internet access from mobile devices will surpass access from PCs.

Mobile communication is by far more vulnerable to security issues since it is transmitted virtually "on the air." And because mobile devices inherently have less memory and CPU capacity required for encryption, they require new and innovative online security solutions.

With this in mind, the NIST (an agency of the U.S. federal government), chose the highly advanced Rijndael (pronounced 'Rhine-Doll') cipher as the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), after a five year long selection process.

Encryption = QoS

As security and encryption reach mass markets, consumers have begun to equate security with quality of service, and are demanding more advanced security measures as inherent features in the goods and services they use. In accordance with this trend, users will be demanding new technologies as standard, such as BluetoothTM based user authentication technology, in addition to traditional encryption.

The Challenge in a Mobile World

The challenge remains formidable, because incumbent security infrastructures originate from a design that was developed before anybody in the industry even dreamed of the volume we are experiencing today. In addition, existing infrastructure does not enable the rapid and widespread upgrade that the market demands today, and most certainly will require in the future.

According to Verisign and, 50% of browsers in use today do not support 128-bit SSL encryption, the de-facto standard in the financial services sector. No browser to date supports the new AES (Rijndael) cipher standard. It would take years to upgrade infrastructure to support improved standards. With Secure4Net by Tashilon, websites can be AES enabled immediately while poised for future upgrades and improvements

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