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Secure4NetTM is the new standard in online security. The recent introduction of the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES Rijndael) has accentuated the limitations of the existing infrastructure, which is heavily dependent on mass distribution of client software upgrades. Secure4Net deploys 128 bit AES immediately, regardless of the fact that 50% of all browsers still don't support 128 bit SSL, and that 100% don't support AES.

Evolving Encryption Requirements - Whether it is open standards such as 128 bit AES or existing 128 bit SSL (3DES, RC4, IDEA) or proprietary algorithms such as RC5, RC6, ECC and MARS, or larger key lengths such as 192 bit, 256 bit or higher, Secure4Net is the ultimate deployment mechanism for now and for the future.

Website Performance - Secure4Net's superior architecture offers immediate and scalable website performance improvements.

Easy Administration - Secure4Net delivers simple, consistent and flexible administration of online security.

Positioned for the Future - Secure4Net is already designed for the future of wireless online security on Java devices such as RIM, Palm and Javaphone.

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