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Technical Approach to Data security

The following section briefly describes technical basis for the secure transmission of data

Encryption Applications and Protocols

Several protocols have been developed to employ the above-described encryption technologies for a variety of applications, such as secure email, secure Web transmissions, and secure remote network access. Some of the more popular protocols are described briefly below.

Public Key Infrastructure

The sections above describe key encryption algorithms, applications, and protocols, but how are the systems actually deployed and managed?

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Over the past year, the TASHILON team has refined and enhanced its range of Internet security products to meet increasing demand for top level Internet banking activities.

Web Server

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Tashilon Secured-Area for E-Services Beta 1
Secure and Authenticate your Clients Web Connection using the stade of the art encryption and authentication of the Tashilon patented technology.

SecuredArea Beta 1 for Virtual Private Network
Make secured remote connection to your desk using the Tashilon ltd technologies.

On Line Support

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Tashilon Customer Interaction

Overview the main persons involved at the support desk of Tashilon.

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