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Video is a most effective way of promoting your company or organisation’s products and services or to support in-house staff training and induction activities.


clips or full streaming video programs for your Website
sales, marketing and promotion
training and induction
establishing your corporate identity
event and conference coverage
news releases
exhibition videos
retail point-of-sale

National Israeli Lotto television generic

Swatch video clip

Lev HaPark Architectural project

Yoman Television generic

Fly from yasha Knecht on Vimeo.

Compilation of animatinons for video games

3D & After Effect Animation

Habad video presentation from yasha Knecht on Vimeo.


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    Yaacov Corda
  • Visualisation architecturale 3D
    Architectural 3D visualisation
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    Bijoux 3D


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    Les rencontres initiatiques


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    Multirisque France


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