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Press Release

Eldad Tamir, co-CEO
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September 6, 2000
Tel Aviv, Israel

Tamir Fishman Ventures Announces an Investment in Tashilon

Tamir Fishman Ventures announced today the signing of an agreement to invest $3,500,000 in Tashilon Ltd. Tamir Fishman Ventures is acting as the lead investor in the round of financing for the company in which Tashilon will raise up to $5.5 Million according to a pre money valuation of $16.5 Million.

Founded in 1998, Tashilon is a developer of a solution which enables companies which conduct their businesses over the Internet to manage and implement unified policy of encryption and security in client server communications. Today, e-commerce Internet servers and intra-net networks servers who desire to provide such companies' customers with a secure communication transmission are dependent on the level and kind of security which supports the browser which such customer uses. As a result of that, many companies are forced to limit the extent of the communication with a large number of their customers or to compromise with a low and in consistent level of security. The security management server of Tashilon shall enable Internet web sites and Intra-net networks to enjoy a unified level of security in the communication transmissions with all of their customers together with an improved ability of security management and customers' software security updates.

Eldad Tamir of Tamir Fishman Ventures said that "the dependency of Internet web sites and other service providers in the level of security of the security product installed at the customer's in order to enable secure transmissions delays the need and desire that exist both from the vendor's and customer's part to increase their usage of Internet communication transmissions. Tashilon's solutions shall facilitate the tendency of increased usage of Internet communications in vendors such Banks and other e-Commerce web sites."

About Tamir Fishman Ventures:

Tamir Fishman Ventures is committed to building next generation innovative Israeli and Israel-related technology companies through value-added partnerships. Tamir Fishman Ventures is focused on making primarily early stage investments, as well as selective seed and late stage investments, in companies operating in the Communications, Internet and Software segments. Tamir Fishman Ventures is sponsored by Tamir Fishman & Co., Israel's leading technology-focused investment bank, has formed strategic partnership with Dain Rauscher Wessels, a leading US technology-focused investment bank, and is one of the largest leading venture capital firms in Israel.