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Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

Iphone Graphic User Interface

Graphical for a secure software interface








A GUI sometimes uses one or more metaphors for objects familiar in real life.
Elements of a GUI include such things as: windows, pull-down menus, buttons, scroll bars, iconic images, wizards, the mouse, and many things that haven't been invented yet. With the increasing use of multimedia as part of the GUI, sound, voice, motion video, and virtual reality interfaces become part of the GUI for many applications.



How can we judge software?


Good software is the one which works and is easy to learn.

And the great program is the one that works and is user friendly it does not need to be even learned.


Image-in concentrate on user needs, which means successful GUI is the one which makes sense.

For developing a sensible GUI, critically evaluate and discuss how the tasks are presently performed, decide what aspects should be mirrored by the interface, and then allow the future users to finalize your work with comments and suggestions.

Thus, developing a sensible program using user-centered design process involves users through out the process; this helps designers to understand users’ mental models and the tools already familiar to them, by observing how users confront present manual and automated methods.



GUI  I-Phone

The evolution of mobile applications and interfaces


The mobile terminals and mobile interfaces are now booming in terms of innovation. Every day manufacturers are developing new features and new software more and more advanced.

When we talk of moving interfaces, we are thinking about the mobile Internet and mobile embedded applications, which use standard operating systems like: (Windows Mobile, Android, ...).


Mobile terminals


There are several large categories of mobile devices (next generation):

• Smartphone
• PDAs
• MID (Mobile Internet Devices)
• UMPC (UltraMobile PC)
• Netbook


For these broad categories, the user is faced with new and different opportunities, habits and contexts.
Today these devices are becoming small computers with real accessible content, with easy access.


Mobile Internet


Mobile Internet explodes. The TV arrives on mobile and therefore the use of the terminal will increase. The mobile Internet services proliferate and offer real value in terms of content and interfaces.
Users, whether public or professional, are facing more and more mobile terminals and are clearly waiting more advanced interfaces.


• Video, TV, Radio digital
• Internet


All trades are concerned, specific programming languages, adapted conception.




Interfaces to think mobile


• More efficient terminals
• Different terminals
• Smaller terminals
• A network for large data transfers
• Users are more mobile in their personal and professional activities


The mobile interface design takes into account all these parameters to provide users an environment to meet his expectations.



Background: central element in reflection Mobile


Any interface design, whether the type of application, must take context into account the context of using a mobile interface often around a service and need immediate access: bank account before a purchase, fast access to a telephone number, access to business information as part of an activity, etc. ...
The criteria of immediacy and speed are even more present in the world of mobility on the Web "classical" condition and consequently the design of interfaces.


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